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Broke Mercenary Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Appearance after Defending   Where did they all come from? Loren couldn’t find out the answer to that question, but he could speculate. They were probably in a facility underneath the city. Someplace people wouldn’t go near. Loren guessed that they were gathered in the sewers that ran underneath the city. Zombies and … Continue reading Broke Mercenary Chapter 42

Chapter 8: Cleaning from Corner to Corner!

Adventurer’s Guild 『Qualidia』. It used to be the leading quest broker in the frontline city of Odelnights. Recently, due to the newly established large-scale guild, under immediate control of the central government, is taking most of the quests, it is an old guild that is still recognized among adventurers.   “Hey, this part is still … Continue reading Chapter 8: Cleaning from Corner to Corner!