Broke Mercenary Chapter 89

Ch. 89: Meeting after Running   “I can’t help but feel that this isn’t a good situation. What do you think?” Lapis asked him as they ran through the forest, but Loren had too much on his plate to answer her. He was running through a place that was hard to run in and had … Continue reading Broke Mercenary Chapter 89


Broke Mercenary Chapter 88

Ch. 88: Running after Investigating   “Hidden village of fairies?” Loren repeated what Feuille had said. Feuille, looking up at Loren, nodded. It sounded suspicious, but putting the name aside for now, Loren asked Feuille for an explanation. “You know that fairies live in this forest, right? But there’s a village of high-class fairies among … Continue reading Broke Mercenary Chapter 88