Left the Demon Army Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Displaying Power of the Wild!


After finishing the delicious meal that Daria had prepared, we were headed to the forest of Shaltz for our quest.

The sky was clear and there was no wind.

If the quest wasn’t about hunting down monsters, this would be a perfect day for a picnic.


“This is my territory. My ears and nose are pretty sharp.”


Louise gave a proud look as she twitched her nose and pointed ears.

As I recalled her fight with Garock, when she opened a crater in the ground with her fist, I was worried that this forest might be destroyed.


“It’s okay Eric. Her intuition is quite accurate.”


Suzette said to me looking aloof.


“Louise is outstanding against nature. I guess you could call it her wild intuition.”


“…wild intuition?”


“She’s an elf, after all. They are a species that live with the forest and die with the forest. Even among them, Louise’s intuition is extraordinary. She is better at dealing with wild creatures who follow the rules of nature, rather than intelligent beings such as humans or demons.”


“Isn’t that what you would call a feral child?”


“You can put it that way.”

As Suzette said that, Louise’s clothes swayed in the wind.


“Anastasia. It looks like Louise is going to tire fast, so let’s back her up tightly.”


“Got it!”


Nasha flashed the silver ring on her ring finger in the sunlight.

I see…Nasha is a healer.

I haven’t seen her fight before, but now it makes sense.

This means that this party has a power-oriented melee fighter, a mid-range healer, and a long-range gunman, which is the most ideal party structure for going on quests.


Why wasn’t such a strong, balanced party a part of the demon subjugation group?

You could become a hero in the frontlines in no time…!

The demon army would’ve suffered heavy damage in no time…!


In any case, the silver ring that Nasha had seemed to be quite exquisite.


The three most important things for a healer are: healing speed, healing strength, and healing frequency. How fast can you heal, what kind of injuries you can heal, and how often you could use your healing decides how important the healer is to the party. Well, everyone here would treat Nasha the same no matter what kind of healer she was.


“Alright, Let’s go! I’ve got the gist of where the muscle wolves are.”


“…Huh!? You already found them!?”


“They’re in the middle of a hunt now, in packs of five or six. Judging from their footsteps, breathing, the smell of blood and rotting odor, they just finished hunting and are still battle ready. Every man for himself!”


After saying all she wanted, Louise ran into the forest barehanded.


“Let’s go! If we lose her in the forest, we won’t be able to make it back!”


“Eric be careful of monsters on the way!”


Suzette raised the large gun, which was as tall as she was, to her shoulder, and moved along in a position to guard Nasha.

She must be using mana to levitate it, but keeping something of that size and weight would take up a lot of mana…




Sniff sniff…sniff…


The muscle head elf was on all fours, with her face close to the ground.

As I looked at Louise’s breasts showing between her green and white tribal outfit, Suzette pointed her gun at me.

When I glanced at Suzette’s chest, she raised her glasses and started focusing an enormous amount of mana into its muzzle.

It’s what you would call silent madness.


“Found it. They moved a bit from before. Looks like they took the prey into their territory. There’s a small clearing up ahead. They’re feeding over there.”


Louise looked around grimly.

From the direction of her unmatched gaze, I could sense something.

Louise continued, still on all fours.


“I’ll run straight it. If we get into their pack and make a ruckus, the boss will come out for sure.”


“Got it. When the boss comes out, you’ll change focus to him. We just need to take the pack down, so that they won’t interrupt you.”


“Yep. If we can defeat the boss wolf, the rest will scatter. I’ll take care of the big guy.”


Louise’s canine teeth glistened.

I could see her drooling a bit, like she wants something though.


“Louise, you’re so fired up this time! I’ll use healing magic when you get injured! So please fight to your heart’s content!”


“Yeah, I’m counting on you Nasha!”


“It’s okay Anastasia. Louise’s motivation is at an all-time high right now because she wants to make up the blunder from last time in front of Eric, since he’s a newcomer, as well as treat him to the highest quality meal.”


“Highest quality…meal…?”


I glanced at Louise, whose face was red.

Suzette giggled and smiled.


“The leader of the muscle wolves. The marbled meat of a wolf that endured and won countless fights to the top is the highest quality meat. In return, it is very powerful and destructive, and due to the dangers in the forest, it is harder to deal with than demons. Also, concerning quests for subjugating muscle wolves, not a lot of people do it. We have Louise as an advantage, so we’re slightly safer.”


“Suzette! Why did you tell him everything!? Yeah! That’s exactly it! You got a problem!?”


“No one said it’s a problem. Rather than that, I’m impressed at the unimaginable sincerity under all that violence.”


While Suzette coolly raised her red-rimmed glasses, Louise scratched her pointed ears embarrassedly,

Her face looked slightly flushed.


“I wasn’t able to get you a good meal the other day…And I’m happy that you joined this weird party, so of course I would do this much…”


Louise twirled the tip of her light pink ponytail around her finger.

The gesture looked very girly, compared to her usual boyish behavior.

I couldn’t help but smile and extended my right arm to her.


“We’ll keep them busy somehow. I’ll be expecting a good meal after we get back.”


“Of course. You’d better look forward to it, new guy!”


She grinned and locked her arm against mine and then dashed towards the clearing, which was going to be the main battlefield.




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18 thoughts on “Left the Demon Army Chapter 9

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Yeah… Suzette either disliked that Eric was being immodest by trying to take a peak at Louise’s breasts or because of her own complex. Or… because she wants the attention of the only male in the party. Either way… what happened to Garlick’s dogs (Cerberus)? The wolves made me remember.


  2. Just to let you know that I’m always visit your website daily just hope that you release another chapter of your translations.
    I love novel that you pick, so good works translator-san.


    1. He’s focusing on Broke Mercenary just now.
      I don’t know the status of the original, so don’t know where his translation is in regard to what’s actually available from the author.


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