Broke Mercenary Chapter 54

Ch. 54: Confusion after Being Surrounded


The next day, Loren went with Lapis to their client, Volf Adventurer Training School.

The retaliation from last night’s adventurers ended as a worry, so he was able to spend the night at the inn peacefully, getting more than enough sleep and rest.

This was the first time he’d ever seen a school and entered school grounds.

He knew that it was a place to educate children with knowledge, culture, and experience, but Loren had been taken care of by a mercenary group ever since he remembered, so he had never gone to school before.

Most mercenaries had never gone to schools before, and many of them couldn’t do calculations, and couldn’t read or write either.

In Loren’s case, he learned how to calculate, as well as read and write, from his group’s clerk because it would be inconvenient when dealing with job contracts, so he could do so at a general level.

“From what you’ve told me, it seemed like it was a very capable group.”

Lapis sounded very impressed as they passed through the school’s gates.

“I’ve never heard of a mercenary group that made sure to educate their members like that.”

“You sure? It was the norm for us. Of course, there were some who didn’t want to since we were a bunch that became mercenaries, but almost everyone could read and could at least write their names.”

“That’s quite absurd, you know? If you go to a nearby village and ask the residents to write their names, most of them can’t do it.”

“Well, villagers don’t sign contracts.”

“That’s not exactly the problem…”

Environments where children could get proper education wasn’t common.

Lapis knew that in some nations, only people high classes could do so.

But hearing that a mere mercenary group would give such education to the whole organization, Lapis thought that it was more abnormal than special.

“Either the leader was an outstanding person, or he was just crazy…”

“Hey Lapis. What do you think that is?”

Loren’s weirdly tired voice pulled Lapis, who was muttering to herself while immersed in her thoughts, to reality, and she looked towards where Loren was pointing.

Shrill voices sounded from a crowd at the end of her sight.

A thick wall of young girls was surrounding something.

Loren and Lapis couldn’t see from outside what was in the middle, but the voltage of the cheering and screaming from the girls were almost at their peak, so it seemed like there was something incredible in there.

“This is a school, right?”

“It should be. It might be break time or study hall or something.”

Lapis knew that if it was class time, there was no reason for such a crowd form, but it was currently still early morning, and was hard to think that it was already break time.

Then she scanned the area, thinking that it would be a good time for teachers to come and break it up, and confirmed that there were a few of them in the area. But for some reason all of them had resigned looks on their faces and were watching the girls from afar, and none of them went over to them.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t know. In any case, it’s got nothing to do with us.”

As Loren said that, immediately losing interest since the crowd just caught his eye and no more, there was movement within the crowd.

Lapis sensed that whatever was in the middle started to try to break through but seeing that the shrills increased in volume every time that the thing pushed through the crowd, whatever that was being surrounded was something that gave them joy just by touching them.

“Something’s coming out.”

“Is that some sort of egg?”

As soon as Loren said that, a red headed man dressed in something that looked like a suit toned in navy blue managed to break free from the crowd and showed himself.

The man’s face, which looked a few years younger than Loren’s, was familiar to both Loren and Lapis, but because of where he came out of, they couldn’t help but stare at him with confused gazes.

“Good thing you guys are here. You’re on your way to talk about the job, right? Let me go with you.”

“Klaus? I won’t ask you why you’re here because I know you’re taking the same job, but what were you doing?”

The man who looked quite tired from getting through the crowd was none other than Klaus, who was dressed up slightly.

Behind him were a countless number of girls staring at Klaus’ back with gazes of envy and adoration, but Klaus paid no attention and started talking to Loren.

“Well, I told you this is my alma mater, right? I kind of dressed since this is the first time I’ve been here in a while…but I got surrounded by the students.”

“Those students are still waiting behind you.”

“Ah, this is troubling. Hey girls, you still have classes, right? I need to go to the principal to talk about a job.”

“Are you going to be an inspector for the dungeon exploration exam!?”

They could see the crowd getting excited when one of the girls asked Klaus.

After stopping the girls, who were starting to move to surround him again, with his hand, Klaus answered the girl’s question with a troubled smile.

“Yeah. I’m here to take the job as an adventurer.”

“Klaus for this year’s exam!?”

As the rustling got louder, Klaus backed off slowly as the girls tried to close their gap and told them in a smooth voice, as if trying to appease them.

“I guess so…I need to go talk with the principal about that. So…w-wait, Loren! Why are you trying to leave me behind!?”

Loren and Lapis, who didn’t want to deal with it, were walking away, but turned back, annoyed, when Klaus called out.

While the hostile gazes of the girls turned towards Loren, Klaus hurriedly ran over to Loren and for some reason gave him a resentful look.

“We’ve accepted the same job. You can go with me, you know?”

“You’re busy, right? We could’ve gone and taken care of it while you deal with your cute juniors…Where are the usual three at?”

“I told them I’m going to come to the school to get the job explanation, but they told me to go alone…The three of them graduated here as well, but for some reason they don’t like coming here with me.”

Loren wasn’t surprised, as he glanced at the girls behind Klaus, who were still looking at him with hostility.

It seemed that Klaus was very popular among the students, and it wasn’t surprising that any girls that were with Klaus would be met with hostility.

Loren could understand why Ange and the other girls didn’t want to come, since they would have to deal with a horde of girls that were giving even him harsh looks, even though he was the same gender as Klaus.

“I’m a graduate so I can show you around. So please let me go with you. I can’t escape even if I tried.”

He said to Loren in a small voice, but since it was so small, he had to get closer to Loren to say it.

It was a troublesome case for Loren, but when he thought about it, a portion of the students were attending the school because they were talented, but many of them were from a high class.

He didn’t know what kind of repercussions he could face later if he treated them harshly, and if Klaus was thinking the same thing, he could understand why Klaus wasn’t being so hard on them. Understanding Klaus’ predicament, Loren decided that leaving him here was pitiful.

“Can’t be helped, I guess…Alright, let’s go.”

When he grabbed Klaus’ shoulder and pulled him towards the direction they were going, the girls that surrounded Klaus cried out at the slight rough treatment.

“What are you doing to Klaus!”

“Don’t touch Klaus with those dirty hands of yours!”

“Where are you taking him? We’re not done talking with him!”

Klaus went pale at the things they yelled at Loren.

To Klaus, who knew what kind of person Loren was, knew that insulting him was a very dangerous thing to do.

It wasn’t surprising that he went pale because he was the cause of those insults.

He panicked and tried to stop the girls, but before he could do so, Loren stepped forward facing the girls, who went silent for a moment at the atmosphere that Loren was radiating, and said in voice that wasn’t loud, but could still be heard clearly.

“Shut up. You want to get messed up?”

It wasn’t as if he had his hand on the great sword on his back.

But the girls went pale all at once when they heard Loren’s voice, filled with killing intent.

Not only that, the girls that were closer to Loren started foaming at the mouth and dropped unconscious.

On top of that, regardless of whether they were conscious or not, students who wet their pants or skirts started popping up, thus becoming even more chaotic.

While screams, wails, and howls flew around, Loren was shocked at the situation that he had caused.

He thought they would shrink away at the most at his coercion, and didn’t expect them to foam and faint, or even incontinence.

“Aren’t they a bit too fragile?”

“No, that made my own blood run cold too.”


As Klaus said that with a pale face, Lapis, who was standing near them, stared at Loren with intrigued face.

Her expression looked more like one of suspicion after witnessing something mysterious, rather than being surprised at Loren’s coercion.

As Loren wondered if she felt something, Shayna popped out from the side and giggled.

‘I think mixing a bit of a No Life King’s vibe with Onii-san’s killing intent was the problem.’

When Loren sighed at what she’d done, Shayna flew around in his sight, as if she couldn’t hold back her anger.

‘They called Onii-san’s hand dirty, you know!?’

Shayna said angrily how it was unforgivable, and Loren wasn’t sure how to respond.

He did feel a slight happiness that she had gotten angry for him, but the resulting chaotic situation seemed a bit too much.

When he told Shayna that he was happy, but to tone it down next time, although she looked like she wasn’t satisfied, she nodded and blinked out his sight.

“I felt an odd presence just now.”

Lapis told him, still staring in Loren’s direction.

Although Shayna only used a slight amount of her power for a fraction of a second, Lapis had felt it, so Loren, astonished at her senses, played dumb.

“I didn’t feel anything.”

“Really? Was I imagining it…no, maybe Loren is just a very scary person? Scary enough to make such a horrible scene?”

“The students here are probably too fragile. I’ve been in battle and I’ve come back from battlefield, remember? It must have been too much for kids that haven’t experienced real battle.”

As Loren decided to go with that explanation, Lapis, although she looked like she wasn’t convinced, couldn’t think of any other explanation, so she stopped investigating.

“Is that so? Anyways, let’s get back to work.”

“You’re going to the principal’s office, right? I’ll take you there, follow me.”

As Klaus took the lead, Loren and Lapis started talking in low voices.

“Didn’t his attitude become way too good compared to the first time we met him?”

“Maybe he holds everything inside. He’s waiting to stab us from behind when our guards are down.”

“I’d prefer if you said I reformed, but…whatever…”

Since Klaus, who was a graduate, was guiding them, there was no worry about them getting lost in school grounds.

With Klaus, whose shoulders drooped but didn’t stop leading them, in the lead, Loren and Lapis left the havoc behind them.


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Hey guys Kaoto here.

Got another chapter for you guys hehe XD

I’m planning on focusing on Broke Mercenary when I have time, and work on Hero of Black when I have less time, since the chapters are still short and won’t take me as long.
I actually had a lot more free time than I expected this week, so although it won’t be this frequent, I’m planning to shoot for maybe 3-4 day intervals for chapters, but we’ll see how things go.

Not going to lie, I kind of wish the illustration was when Loren got angry, not after everything happened, but still, at least there’s an illustration.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys in the next chapter!

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  1. I have to say, it’s pretty funny that Klaus himself is trying to avoid a mega-harem end. He’s technically the “hero”, and yet he’s acting somewhat mature. Though he, like Loren, is kind of at the mercy of females. Rather refreshing IMO.

    Also, Shayna best ghost daughteru. Here’s to hoping that maybe she’s reborn as Lapis’ and Loren’s daughter. Unless she happens to take over a new body and aim for second waifu.

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  2. I like Klaus. Sure, we can arbitrarily hate harem parties and pretty boys but he’s matured since we first met him, and he isn’t a bad guy.

    Also, pretty excited about a release every 3-4 days, but I’d prefer even faster updates. Just don’t push yourself too hard and get burned out.

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So, is the effect of killing intent and No Life King’s presence additional or multiplication?
    Probably additional. If it was multiplication, those girls would be dead from fright.

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  4. Thanks for the release schedule and the recent torrent of releases. Much appreciated. 😀

    I can’t say I can agree with Loren’s decision to hide the existence of the undead soulshard from Lapis. Lapis is his partner. This is something she should be aware of, mostly because she’s highly likely to act on her own.

    There’s ample possibility for unnecessary tragedy. She is a priestess. Worst comes to worst, she will detect the faint undead aura and assume he has become tainted from his contact with the no-life king, possibly overtaken by the will of the undead, and the logical course of action would be to try to “save his life”. That’s what priestesses do. It’s in their job description.

    You don’t play around with undead powers around priest(esse)s. It’s one of their main powers to keep the undead plague under control. They have specialized skills to detect and combat them, and for good reason, as evidenced in the previous chapters. She WILL find out, especially after getting suspicious in this chapter. And it’s highly likely that she won’t sit still and let some “undead curse” eat away at her partner, cooperation be damned.

    She could sneakily cast some magic on him that would effectively put Shayna into forced stasis (or worse). Or bonk Loren over the head and full-on exorcise him with all her might, assuming he’s under the control of the no-life king and unlikely to cooperate. Or fiddle with his equipment to drain all undead essence from him. She’s known to act independently. And wherever Loren is concerned, her actions are decidedly on the drastic side of the spectrum.

    Plus, what’s the downside to telling her. Lapis knew Shayna and holds no ill will towards her. She’s a possible asset in battles and as such would need to be considered in tactics. There’s no downside to her living inside of Loren, as far as we are aware (and who better to ask than a freaking priestess of the freaking god of freaking knowledge).

    I dunno. The whole thing just seems like it’s predestined to cause drama later on. Needlessly, at that.

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      1. Nope the special case is because of the god the Priestess serves. She serves the god of knowledge. “Wait a No life king peacefully co-existing with a host? I MUST EXPERIMENT!!!! FOR SCIENCE!!!!” Plus we already know that Lapis is morally ambiguous when it comes to achieving her goals. And like Loren thought to himself “just because she won’t kill me doesn’t mean she won’t do inhumane acts of terror upon my body to satisfy her curiosity” so they each got a secret now anyhow. She’s constantly putting his ass in debt to ensure he never leaves her side and he’s hiding that he got possessed by an ultimate class undead who can jack up his power by overlaying it with her own.


      2. Bruh it was a joke “priestess Demon” , she knows since the beginning just didn’t ask him,she was waiting to him to say by himself.

        Also the debt is true but the armor and the sword she gave him are really expensive,and she gave it to him almost for free , she cares of him in some way


  5. thanks for the chapter ^^

    I like this story, but neither does it seem that mc is part of this world …. he started the story with no concept whatsoever to do and is a complete idiot in human interactions … a child who lived all his life among bandits had who be more sagacious ….

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  6. I have to admit to wondering just how old Loren was when he joined the mercenary company; his ignorance of life outside of that environment implies that he had little or no exposure to things outside of his family prior to joining them.


    1. It was mentioned that he was raised by them from as far back as he can remeber, so he’s probably an orphan. Think Guts from Berserk. Author clearly took inspiration from that classic 🙂

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  7. My respect for Loren has increased! Not a lot of guys have the spine to intimidate noble brats, most just ignore them and deal with the antagonism, but not Loren! He puts them in their place.


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