Broke Mercenary Chapter 49

Ch. 49: Hearing about Destruction   A rumor was going around, that a city had been destroyed. ‘They’re probably talking about Hanza, right?’ As the winged girl floating in the corner of his sight pointed out, Loren, sitting alone in the Adventurers Guild’s bar, was staring at the cup of cheap alcohol in his hand. … Continue reading Broke Mercenary Chapter 49


Hero of Black Chapter 4

Ch. 4: A Hero’s Heart, Unfading   We’ve managed to capture the golden serpent, so now we can go back to Kalu Village. As Haku and I were climbing down the mountain, three wolf monsters attacked us. ‘I’ll take care of them.’ Bam, bam, bam. Three lightning fast bites took care of them. “You’re pretty … Continue reading Hero of Black Chapter 4